Mindfulness Meditation

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About Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

- Developing Your Practice -

Our Mindfulness For Beginners Plan will consist of 1 a week of meetings for the length of 8 weeks, where you will learn in a fun and pleasurable way what is Mindfulness. In each encounter, you will learn the techniques and tools to empower yourself to develop your practice.

These tools will help you create a meditation routine and develop focus, concentration, and awareness.

We aim to prepare you to become confident and comfortable in joining any mindfulness meditation practices. During these six weeks, you will create a crescent connection with your inner world, body, and mind. Mindfulness, when practiced daily, can help us in reducing a lot of symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia. It also increases positive capacities that already inhabit us to become a better human with ourselves and the world.

The only prerequisite is to be open and curious to get to know yourself deeper!
Let’s practice?


About Mindfulness Meditation Online Classes

- Cultivating Your Practice -

Our online monthly plan was designed for those who desire is to practice Mindfulness Meditation online with live-guided classes where and when is the best convenient, simple, and practical.

We aim to guide you through your daily practice exploring different techniques, tools, and themes. In this way, we will create a space and routine to cultivate and solidify our existing personal practice together.

When we practice Mindfulness Meditation regularly, we give ourselves the chance to enjoy the benefits in our daily lives. Decreasing symptoms of our modern lifestyle like stress, anxiety, depression, and increase our well-being, immune system, creativity, focus, awareness, connection with bodies and mind and develop emotional intelligence to deal with the challenges of life. Besides the guided practices, we will create a space for community, sharing, and connection.

Let’s connect even more in-depth with our inner world and flourish from the inside out?


Private Sessions


Our Private Sessions are an opportunity for those who would like to go deeper into mindfulness practices and meditation but don’t know how to start. It’s also an opportunity for you that already have mindfulness practices but would like to go deeper and develop something that works uniquely for you.

Jessica Multini will help you to develop the best mindfulness meditation practice for you, getting to know you better, understand your needs, your emotions, where you struggle the most at this very moment, and from there she will facilitate the way and weave together with you the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation.

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How Does The Online Offerings Work?

Our online offering is made via Zoom Meetings.
Before joining any of our plans you need to download the app through Google Play or the Apple Store.
On the class day, a link to get access to the meeting will be shared 5 minutes before the class start by e-mail or WhatsApp group.



It’s important that you check previously if your internet connection is working and as your sounds and video system. Besides that, just find a comfortable place for you to enjoy the class!

Our Schedule


Prices and plans

Mindfulness Meditation Program


60 min sessions for 8 weeks


Mindfulness Meditation Online Classes


60 min sessions


For questions:

In case you have any questions related to our plan and programs, please contact us via email at hello@jessicamultini.com

I’ll be happy to clarify any questions and create a space for you to share and be comfortable and join us in this beautiful offering.

I’m delighted to receive you and cultivate our practice together!

Jessica Multini