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Jessica Multini

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Oi, eu sou a Jessica!


Jessica é facilitadora de mindfulness, designer e empreendedora. É praticante de meditação e Mindfulness há 10 anos e, com base em estudos e sua experiência, oferece práticas de Mindfulness no Brasil, Europa, Estados Unidos, Indonésia e qualquer outro lugar, por meio de aulas online. Assim, já proporcionou os benefícios do Mindfulness para muitos indivíduos no Brasil e no mundo. Formada como Facilitadora de Mindfulness pela UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center e tem sua certificação emitida pela IMTA. Também é facilitadora qualificada como Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Professional por David Treleaven.

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Jessica Multini


Mariane Wegmann

Mindfulness & Feminine Wisdom Program

Mindfulness helped me to simplify my meditation practice. I feel that now I can embody mindfulness inside all meditation practices. As a therapist as a bodyworker, mindfulness brought the quality of presence during the sessions I give. I love it to be part of the program Mindfulness & Feminine Wisdom and get closer to my feminine cycle, my relationship to the moon, and the seasons we experience internally. By understanding each moment, the forces that rule these inner seasons, nature, and life, together with the mindfulness practices, I could appreciate, respect, and embrace myself. Jessica's wisdom is full of clarity and depth and helped me have more kindness with my emotions and feel more grounded. The rituals she learned in Asia that were shared during the program make my connection to nature stronger and meaningful. I’m very grateful for being part of this program, and I recommend to all woman that wants to go deeper in self-knowledge journey.

Arepheh Salami, Iran

Mindfulness Mentorship 8 Weeks Program

I have been meditating for 2 years before I met Jessica and participated in her mindfulness course. Before I took the course, I had been struggling with a difficult relationship for about 6 months and I was really stressed all the time. I would wake up every day being anxious, somewhat depressed. I was so frightened and overwhelmed that I couldn't sit down for even one minute to do my meditation. I was lost in my frightening thoughts throughout the day. Learning to be mindful really dragged me out of my world of scary thoughts and enabled me to consciously come out of those thoughts. Little by little I got better. I was able to sit down to meditate again. I was able to manage my anxiety symptoms and I was able to think more clearly about my situation. Ever since my course ended, I have been practicing every day. I am getting better at being mindful every day. My meditation skills have really improved, and I am now able to bring mindfulness to many parts of my daily life. Jessica is such an amazing person. She taught me a lot of things. the tools she gave me during our sessions were really helpful and although I wasn't unfamiliar with meditation before, she took me on a whole different and effective journey. She is so understanding, and I was welcomed to discuss my thoughts with her every session. She is really skillful at teaching mindfulness and I am so happy that I got to meet her and I reach out to her. If it wasn't for her, I never could have gotten out of my frustrating situation. She is such a nice person and I really connected with her.

Camila Bertasonni

Mindfulness & Feminine Wisdom Program

Lots of love for the Mindfulness & Feminine Wisdom Program. A beautiful process marked by weekly encounters full of love, complicity, and empathy. Space where I felt completely comfortable to share my anguishes, doubts, and that taught me a lot about the uniqueness of the feminine nature of the society that we live in. Jessica’s guidance brings calm and tranquility while empowering and inspiring us to recall our place as a woman in the patriarchal society. I would suggest this experience to all women in the world!