Jessica Multini is also a designer and owner of MEISOU that she developed, back when she sensed a calling to search for a fulfilling profession–one she could perform with purpose and enduring love. In search of self-discovery, she left the “Concrete City” and traveled to India in 2014. It was in Rishikesh that she began to deepen her practice of meditation. As she created space in her mind and connected with her heart through the practice, the sense of anguish she had experienced gradually dissolved, and creativity and inspiration began to reside in her consciousness.

Jessica’s desire to share the benefits of meditation led her to create malas: prayer beads utilized to focus the mind while praying and meditating. As the brand grew and Jessica’s practice in meditation deepened, she began to create a collection of kimonos and spiritual objects to complement her line of malas. The products we create are handmade in Indonesia by local artisans. When you buy a Meisou product, you are supporting the Bali’s local artists and community. Each product is blessed by a Balinese priest to yield the magic and spiritual power of the island into the objects.